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    Agatha & Louise,
    We received Aage three weeks ago. He is a handsome, 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He came to us from a wonderful family, (and friends), gsp-black-lab-review-photo-75-edited-1.jpgwho raised the sweetest dog we have ever had. He came with a well worn Preston collar...(Chocolate Lab ribbon). It looked so good and comfortable on him, that I wanted to replace it with the same quality collar. I contacted Preston and they put me in touch with the folks at Agatha and Louise. They all were extremely friendly and helpful, the collar came within a couple of days...GIFT WRAPPED WITH A RIBBON! The new collar fits just like the one it replaced...and Aage looks as handsome as ever!
    Hi Gray,
    I got it (the necklace with charms) and I love it. It's a good thing I got the bracelet or it would be too short.
    Thank you so much,
    Hi Gray,
    Cannot thank you enough for all of your great help with expediting shipping of our leash order. Epitome of terrific customer service!

    Thanks again!

    Pete...New York City


    Agatha & Louise,

    Just got our order and I have to say what a nice touch the wrapping was. Such a small thing, but a real happiness maker!
    The harness fit Nana perfectly. You guys are my new favorite pet shop!

    Sally Webb…Washington



    It came today (the Basset Hound Fetch for a Cure Pin) , and my sister was beyond thrilled.  It really touched her heart.  She is wearing it right now, in casual attire, and I believe she will wear it on her uniform when she has working days as an American Airline flight attendant.  Thank you for helping me give my sister a bit of joy and connection with her beloved Max.  It is perfect.

    Jackie…New York 


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks!  Yes, we love dogs too.



    Hi folks,

    Received my order today. Looks good - thanks. 




    Hi Gray, 

    That is fine.  No hurry, I was just checking on it.

    Here are my four boys.  Two blacks are mine, Bertram (who we just had to put down, age 15) and Bimini.  The yellow, thor, is my grand dog and he sports your pirate collar.  The brown is Cody, half lab, half shepherd.  They are all at my beach house regularly.  



     Agatha & Louise, 
    Thank you very much! I will definitely be shopping with you again!

    Lara…North Carolina


    Hi Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks so much for the quick service and sending the money for shipping.  You guys are the best !!



    Gray & Persephone,
    I just wanted to say, “Thank You.”  I ordered two pair of Golden Retriever Shoes for Christmas, last minute of course, and you guys came through for me!  My cousin and my sister-in-law, LOVED them.  They were a huge hit! Now I have to buy myself a pairJ  We are a Golden family.  My cousin has 2, my brother has 2, and we have 2.Thank  you so much!  I will be purchasing a lot more Golden merchandise from you.  Thank you again.

    Connie…New Hampshire


    Agatha & Louise,
    Thanks so much for sending a few of the items you had in stock in time for Christmas!.  Our Cairn will love the toy and my husband will love the ornament.  The stand was not included - it may be part of the back ordered items you indicated on the invoice.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to shopping with you in 2011!



    I got the Christmas harness today...and it fits beautifully.  Apparently this is the size they take in this harness. I will take a photo and send to you.  Thank you.  MacKenzie Girl looks darling.  I am looking forward to getting the other two when you get them, for MacKenzie's brothers...and at least next year they'll all be the same "cute."

    Kitty …Texas


    Agatha & Louise,

    Got it (Dog Days Calendar)
    Nicely wrapped with a ribbon -thanks ! Have a good holiday.



    Agatha & Louise, 

    Received the pillow (The Four Cavalier King Charles) yesterday, and it is GORGEOUS!!  Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!

    Marilyn…Clayton, NC


    Hi Gray,  

    Yes, we received it and Johan is loving the new collar. Thank you for the generous refund.

    That is funny what a small world it is!

    Happy Holidays,


    Hi Gray,  

    Thanks so much for letting me know - the 2 Mediums will be fine - I have 2 goldens (male and female) and have gotten a Medium for both before - I love the Preston Collars as they have so many different patterns and are a little wider than most - they also are very durable. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Warmest Regards,
    JoAnne…North Carolina



    Agatha & Louise,  

    I did get the Border Terrier Ornament, thank you so much for you wonderful customer service.



    Gray & Persephone,  

    You are the best!  Thank you so much for your kindness.
    My part Newfie/Chow, Liam, is going to look so handsome in his new tartan collar.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family.  It is indeed a pleasure doing business with Agatha and Louise.



    Agatha & Louise,

    The stocking arrived today, and it is beautiful!  Thanks so much for the 
    prompt delivery.  Yes, we love dogs too!

    Liz and Guy…Maryland


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks very much for prompt delivery of cushion,
    I love it. 
    Thank you,
    Clare…Melbourne, Australia


    Agatha & Louise, 

    Thanks so much -- my children can't wait to see our puppy (Cavalier King Charles) in needlepoint hanging from our mantel!!

    Alison…North Carolina


    Agatha & Louise,

    We received the beautiful leashes and collars today. Thank you so much for finding the second set for us. Our Scotties look very handsome in their new digs !
    Happy Holidays.



    Agatha & Louise,

    Hi, I received my Pirate Flags collar yesterday it is very cool.  Is there any way you could make me a smaller one for my Jack Russel? :-)



    Hi Gray,
    Received collar today.  Definitely  worth waiting for. Thank you and Happy Holidays!



    Gray & Persephone,
    Thank you so much for the follow up!  That should get it to her.  This is the first time I have ordered from you but am most impressed with your customer service. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Thank you!



    Hello Gray,
    No problem at all. I know you were waiting for the treat jar, and due to the holidays in the States I assumed there would be a delay. I am glad you receive orders from Switzerland and other European countries, I keep spreading you name and the good quality of the goods, not to mention the great customer service. I will let you know when the items arrive. Meanwhile we are stuck frozen here with plenty of snow in the mountains and a white city of Zuerich.

    Thanks again, best regards


    I just received the leash and collar and I think they are wonderful. Thanks for your great service and communication.

    Take care,


    Oh you made my day today Gray. Thank you. Please let me know what I would owe. Your company is wonderful. I have told so many people about your online store. I was getting a lot of compliments at the veterinary clinic on my Boston Terrier Necklace. Boston owners were taking down your website address. 

    Thanks so much, 



    Hi Gray,  

    I've received the frame this morning, it looks great! Thanks for all your helping in getting it specially made for me.

    Best wishes

    Lesley…Great Britian



    I received the magnets and stickers.  They are awesome!  Thank you!



    switzerland.jpgAgatha & Louise 10/10

    The hood ornament we have is the eye catcher in town. The shipping is okay, maybe you can send everything together, so you can stuff the bowls in the beds, so they will be well protected. Thanks for your notice, have a great day, I’ll send you a picture of our dachsies, so at least you know who is your best customer

    Best regards, 



    Hi Gray,

    The calendar arrived here this morning thank you. Thank you so much for your kind attention to my order, it is greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards, 
    Claire...Great Britain



    I also want to thank you SOOOOOO much for the awesome dog bone that you sent to my saved dog. I love your site and your products are outstanding... thank you again and I hope you had a super weekend. I meant to include the photo of Joe with his new toy to you.

    Thank you again for your kindness 



    A&L 9/10

    Yep...I definitely love my dog



    Agatha & Louise,

    I received the pillow yesterday, Saturday, and it is beautiful! It matches the dog bed perfectly! Thank you!



    Agatha & Louise,

    Received the "Bulldog charm" last week.  Thank you for taking care of this & getting it to me in plenty of time.  Wanted you to know how much my friend loved the charm.  A group of us met for a "pre-function" get together last nite - gearing up for the weekend of fun & memories and (we all) gave our friend the charm.  Everyone was so pleased.  It's perfect.




    The leash and the personalized whale bowl have arrived!  They are both just perfect. Thank you so much for all the special attention. We are sending all of our dog loving friends to your website!!!!



    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks again you guys are the bessttt!



    bordercollie-shoes.jpgHi Gray,

    I received the shoes yesterday. I love them.  They exceeded all my expectations.  I know they will make me smile everytime I wear them!  Thanks so much for all your help.  The kind of customer service you offer is just not experienced very often anymore. I checked out A & L.  Will have to keep my eye on some of the shoes - too cute.

    Thanks again and Fly says hello! 


    Hi Gray,

    Thank you for all of your help and calling me back multiple times to keep me updated.  You and your company have been so great to work with, especially since I was the one who ordered the incorrect size and this was completely my fault.  Once again, thank you so much and I (and my bulldog Mason) look forward to the new crab collar! :)



    Agatha & Louise,

    Order looks good! Thank you so much; love your website! And...yes we are crazy about dogs!!!

    Thank you, 
    Gayla...New York



    We got our shirts today and we love them!  Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks!




    It arrived today! Many, many thanks, you are very kind! It's a wonderful item, just what I was looking for. And beautifully packed too. Perfect.

    Mark...Great Britain


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks for the great customer service and checking with me first. Yes, a light blue magnet would fine to fill my order.

    Thanks, Margaret


    Agatha & Louise,

    Rec'd today -- such quick service!  Many thanx!



    Hi Gray

    Bernie got back his great kayaking collar in today's mail  Wow..that was fast.  He's got it on and is so proud.  I love those collars.  Ivy (Another Sainty) has the sailboat one.  They are so durable for my rough housing Saints. Take care and know that you have a faithful customer in Greenville, SC.

    Cynthia...South Carolina


    Hi Gray,

    I wanted to thank you for sending my new cosmetic case along. It arrived last week and I have already taken it with my on my travels this week to NY.....thanks again.



    Agatha & Louise,

    I just received these today!  Thank you so much for the prompt delivery.  They are fabulous and I think my husband will love them.

    Best regards, 
    Susanna...Washington D.C.


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thank you! You guys are amazing!




    Ok, you asked for it!  The Bourbonnais is a relatively rare dog on the US now but is a breed that seems to be growing.  There are only a few breeders... I'd like to get a few good pics for decoupage but he's 4 months and still and bit hard to capture. Thanks for your interest in my pup!!



    Agatha & Louise,

    I just received my pink flip flop collar and I love it. I've been searching every where for a collar for my St. Bernard and no one had one large enough, let alone, cute enough, so thank you so much.



    Dear Gray,

    I got the leash and collar yesterday! They are so cute!!! She is a Jack Russell terrier and the collar looks fantastic! We have a home on the Cape but she was born in Raymond, Maine. I wanted you to know that there was no problem getting the package.

    Thank you! We will order again.  
    Deborah...New York


    Agatha & Louise,

    I got my jewelry yesterday! The enamel jewelry is beautiful. Thank you and thank the artist!



    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks for such a quick reply and I am so pleased you ship to this little island. Hope the weather where you are is a little warmer than here in the north of England. If you were here you would know why they call it the frozen north!

    Have a nice Sunday and take care, 
    Sandra...Great Britain



    I gave my husband the French Bulldog cufflinks for Valentine's Day and he loved them. We just rescued a Frenchie from Animal Care League and have fallen for him hook, line, & sinker! I wanted to compliment you on the quality of this product.  I was a little unsure about ordering something like this online, but I was so pleased to see the high level of craftsmanship and quality that you delivered. Thanks!



    Agatha & Louise,

    I just received my personalized dog bowls today, and they look great!

    Thanks, Donna...California



    I've been meaning to call and thank "Gray" and your team for a wonderful job on my husky's collar.  I ordered the collar in green leather with brass charms and the piece was very well crafted and very handsome looking.  My dog, Luke, (nickname Lukeypoo) looks more striking when he wears your collar.  Thank you so much for special attention to all of the details!

    It is a collar that will last a lifetime!

    Best, Kumari...New York


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks!  received the stickers (wag more bark less) a few days ago :)



    Agatha & Louise,

    Thank you! We love our new Cape Cod leash! And so does our baby Golden, Mac! ;)



    Thank you so much Gray,

    I received my harness in the mail today. I will ship the defective harness to you tomorrow and will order another one through the website next week or the week after.

    Thanks again for working with me on this. 


    Hello Gray,

    I did receive your voicemail. Thank you. I can wait for the collegiate style shirt.  It's only 17 degrees here and I have to wear more than a tee shirt.  I have the wag more bark less hoodie. I was just thinking (hoping) in a couple months that I should have a wag more bark less tee shirt.  I am a dog walker and like that slogan.  You can wait to send the stickers with the shirts when you get them in stock.

    Thank you for the prompt and considerate customer service. 



    I wanted to thank Gray for his assistance in helping me determine the proper size collar for my dog.  You can see Molly, my Scottie in the attachment. :-)

    Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the new collar! 




    Dear Gray,

    Wow, this is customer service at it's best.  I received the leash, toy , refunds and letter and truly appreciate all you have done to correct the mistakes with my order.  You can bet I will recommend your company and I will have no hesitation to purchase from you in the future. Best of luck to you and your company for success in 2010.

    Thank you again, 


    Agatha& Louise,

    After reading your website, we just realized we've been at your store too!  We love Portland, the food is amazing, Cape Elizabeth is stunning, and stayed in Kennebunk for Thanksgiving one year.  We used to visit often going up the coast to my mother-in-laws old summer home in Belfast.  We go to VT every year and skipped Maine this year due to time but we'll be back and back to your store, great place!  Funny, your best testimonial was from another person from Seattle.  I think you should open a store in Seattle and I'll run it :)



    Agatha & Louise,

    Thank you- yes they arrived on Christmas Eve! The person I gave them to was delighted. Thank you for your help and happy 2010.

    Best wishes, 
    Dianne ...England


    Dear Gray,

    Thank you for your prompt attention to my mistake in ordering two instead of one pug pillow! I received the very efficient and clear note confirming my order change.  That was really great and I appreciated it.  Many thanks. Thank you and I look forward to ordering from A&L again soon.

    Susan...New Jersey



    Bracelet is adorable.  Thanks so much.  Happy New Year!



    Agatha & Louise,

    Thanks for your order confirmation; we look forward to receiving the car magnets (and we also love dogs)!

    Happy New Year, 


    Agatha & Louise,

    Thank you for shipping the order so quickly! The order was placed late, and I wasn't expecting to get the package before Christmas.  What an awesome surprise.

    Thanks again, 
    Keith...North Carolina



    Thanks so much! They arrived on time :)




    It fit and it was a hit. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Ann...New York



    I hope you all have a great Christmas!!  It is a great pleasure to do business with you 2....Everyone who has opened their present(s) has been thrilled - thanks so much for helping me at Christmas and for having such wonderful things and for being so nice!!!



    Agatha & Louise,

    I received the wag more stickers yesterday. They're great! I'll probably be ordering more for some other dog lover friends of mine. Thank you for such prompt processing!

    Happy holidays, 


    Agatha & Louise,

    Yes, I love dogs - all animals in fact - but greyhounds are my breed - thus the greyhound needlepoint pillow I ordered.  I love anything greyhound - especially pins!

    So thank you for having a greyhound pillow - 



    We are looking forward to receiving our order, thank you for all your help!

    Merry Christmas!Wende...Florida


    Hi Gray,

    Yes, I did receive my recent order! And thank you so much for your follow up and concern. I was pleasantly surprised and touched that someone at your end had taken the time to gift wrap each item & finish each off with a perky green bow! Because they are already wrapped I will include as is with gift bags of goodies for the two recipients, and will be looking forward to seeing my selections "in person" whenever they are unwrapped. The wrapping has also saved me some time at this busy, hectic time of year!

    Will let you know how my friends like each item and look forward to doing business with your company again in the future. Hope your family & employees have a GREAT holiday!

    Karen ...Pennsylvania



    Oh LORD do I love dogs !!!! I have 4 grand-dogs and a cat.. I love them like children. We have a chocolate lab that lives in the house with my husband and me and sleeps with us every night. Or..we sleep with him.. Not sure... I hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas and thank you for the collar...




    Agatha & Louise,

    Got the plate (Shih Tzu Blue Plate) today..and it is spectacular!!!! Thanks

    Julie...Rhode Island


    Hi there! 12/09

    The package just arrived and I was so delighted by the wrapping that I called my sister and told her to do her last minute shopping with you!...

    Thank you,  
    Ann...New York


    Gray 12/09

    I did (get my order)! It arrived right on time and the person who received the gift was thrilled! thanks for your great dog products!


    Satisfied Customer, 


    Agatha & Louise, 12/09

    The Pug Mug arrrived today(Mon).  I am so pleased.  It is very cute.  Thank you for your prompt attention to shipping.  It was a pleasure dealing with you.



    Gray, 11/09

    Wrigley's new collar fits perfect.

    Thank you! 


    Gray & Persephone, 11/09

    Stocking just arrived! Looks great, and such quick delivery!
    You guys are terrific!

    Angela :)...Connecticut


    Gray,  11/09

    Received the t-shirt (wag more bark less) today.  Thank you for the nice wrap job and great service!



    Agatha & Louise, 11/09

    Yes, I love dogs! Thank you - this is lovely and it is so difficult to find nice Swissy (Swiss Mountain Dogs) items. And to boot, you support the Morris Foundation, one of my favorites.

    Thank you again and happy holidays!



    Agatha & Louise, 11/09

    Thank you sooo much, the cuff links (kerry blue terrier) are wonderful and i am thrilled.


    Sara...England UK


    Gray, 11/09

    I just wanted to say thank you for getting my Grandmother's gift out so quickly and making that substitution, she was absolutely thrilled with her gift! Thanks again!

    Gabrielle...Washington D.C.


    Gray & Persephone, 11/09

    Thank you so much. I always loved your physical and online stores. But your customer service is what makes you stand out among others the most.
    Good luck with your business during these hard times!
    Have a great day!

    Ellie...New Hampshire


    Hi Gray,  11/09

     I don't know if you remember meeting us, but my husband and I came to your charming store in early October while vacationing in Maine, and visited with you briefly. You were kind and hospitable to us and gave us advice about attractions to see in Camden. We hiked Mt. Battie per your suggestion and loved it.

    We saw your pictures of your handsome Gilkey and told you about our Cairn puppy, Mirabelle.  At that time you recommended that we try a harness on her for walking.  Porter ordered one from you, but it was too small. He reordered and just received our new one. It is the perfect size--with a little room to grow. It is helping her already and looks great!  Thought you might like to see at picture! The colorful ribbon on the package was a nice touch. Thanks again for your help.




    These Personalized Leather dog Collars are awesome! I just got one of the personalized dog breed collars for myBoxer, Daisy. I'll try to get a photograph showing off this collar!

    Jill...South Carolina


    Dear Gray,10/09

    You can consider me one very happy customer at this point!
    I have just opened my Rottweiler pin and am thrilled with the results that your pin maker achieved!!  The detail in the necklace is really remarkable and the engraved name of my girl on the back, along with those pink toes (!) makes it even more special to me.... It is instantly a favorite and destined to become a treasure to me as time goes by, I am certain.
    Thank-you so much to your business for making such a personalized keepsake available and for your help, personally, in helping me to get all of these details included in my choice...what felt like an over-indulgence at the onset now feels like a very wise decision as I know that it will only grow in significance to me.
    Please forward this along to 'Elvie' with my gratitude for the beautiful attention to detail that was achieved in this piece. I know that this beautiful pin is going to help me smile with the thoughts and memories of one of my best friends for a very long time to come.

    Best regards always,
    Kristin...New York


    Agatha & Louise, 10/09

    Fantastic! Can't wait!  People love me for giving them these frameable  
    calendars (Dog Days Calendar) for the holidays.



    Agatha & Louise, 10/09

    You have outstanding stuff. Love it!!!!!!!!!



    Gray, 10/09

    Thank you- I received the two collars- they are great looking and super quality!!! I will order again soon!




    Dear Gray, 10/09

    I just got the portrait and absolutely adore it - simply perfect! Thank you so much - could you please send me some cards so I can hand them out to my fellow dog lovers?  Please tell the artist that I said thanks a million - it just makes me smile...I am going to wait to take a pic of the new pup (Daffodil) until next week or so when she is settled in - then I do want a portrait of her too...that said, she needs a walk, so I will wish you a very happy weekend ! 

    All best,

    Leslie...New York


    Agatha & Louise, 10/09

    Oh thank you so much! That's awesome!



    Gray, 9/09

    Just wanted to let you know I received the ornament and stand today and I am very happy with it. The ornament is beautiful and the stand is great with the base shaped as a bone. I know my friends will love it. 

    Take care, 


    Hello, 9/09

    It was a joy to use your site.You've obviously put work into it. I live in Alaska and do a lot of online shopping.Your site ranks right up there in awesomeness.

    From telling me my shipping costs upfront, to showing available sizes and the ability to use paypal and More.....All of this shows you care about the customer. 

    Thank you! 


    Hi, 8/09

    The leash and collar arrived today, and are GORGEOUS. I could not be happier with the purchase. Thank you so much! 

    Rachel...New York


    Agatha & Louise, 8/09

    Excellent. Thanks. Very timely - just today I was wondering about my order. 



    Hello A&L, 8/09

    YES! I love everything. The wag more bark less magnet is securely on the red bug. Looks great! The shirt reminds me so much of my dog in heaven.....who had a favorite tree right outside of our church where he would take a break on our walks at the beach!!! 

    Thanks for checking! 


    Gray & Persephone, 8/09

    Thank you for your attention to this order, which was received yesterday. I look forward to sending them off as gifts. 



    Gray & Persephone, 8/09

    Received my order today, I am happy as can be about the shoes. Also, your packaging was really nifty; I appreciate the personal touch.

    I have a toy apricot poodle. If you do an apricot poodle with a dark brown background, please e-mail me. I would like to have the shoes.

    Dog's name is Colby because of the college in Maine. We had a house in Booth Bay many years ago - many good memories and lobster. 

    At any rate, thank you. 


    Hi – 8/09

    Thanks for the fast shipping....the leash arrived on Wednesday - thank-you! 



    Gray, 8/09

    I just got the stickers. It was unnecessary, but a very nice gesture to throw in an extra decal. Thank you! Maybe we'll throw the extra on my wife's car. Despite the hick-up with Paypal, it was a pleasure doing business with you.   

    Best regards, 


    Hi, 7/09

    We just received them (Tartan Dog Collar & Leash set)! They are so beautiful! The little girl Scottie will look gorgeous in them! We are very happy with our purchase! 



    Hi, 7/09

    Thanks so much! I am real excited! 



    Hi Gray, 7/09

    The second sticker arrived. Thanks so much for taking care of this so promptly. 

    Thanks again, 


    Gray, 7/09

    Thank you very much for all your help with getting the cairn terrier pillows for me. The girls really enjoyed them and seemed to appreciate having a little something to still have with them after losing their dear pet. All you work and effort in this order was really appreciated.   



    Gray, 7/09

    This is wonderful! You have no idea how grateful I am. 

    Best regards, 


    Agatha & Louise, 7/09

    Thank you for your gesture. As she is a black border collie/lab mix (adopted shelter puppy so best guess) I did think the collar would be very cute. I will definitely purchase from your company again because of your customer care. 



    Agatha & Louise, 7/09

    Thank you! 



    Gray and Persephone, 7/09

    I just received the German Shepherd Wastebasket this evening and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with it. It is just beautiful and I know my aunt and uncle will love it for Christmas.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the glass ornament and stand; I know you mentioned that will be shipped later. One of the highlights of taking the trip to New England last year was finding your store! 

    Thanks again 


    Gray, 6/09

    Thank you for the prompt and responsive follow-up. I appreciate the excellent customer service. 



    Gray, 6/09

    Thank you for your prompt response to this issue and I truly appreciate your excellent customer service. I did not expect the total refund, just the shipping cost so I appreciate your kindness in this matter.

    We did receive the boxer shorts today and my husband loved them, I let our black lab carry the package to him! He already has boxer shorts with all the other dogs in our family so this will complete the set. I will definitely be making future purchases at your site and I again thank you for your professionalism. 

    I wish you a good weekend as well, 


    Agatha & Louise, 6/09

    Thank you.  I received it (wag more bark less t-shirt) today! 



    Agatha & Louise, 6/09

    Thanks, love it. See you over the summer before we head to Peaks! 

    Dee...New York


    Hello! 6/09

    Just to let you know I received my order today and love them! Thanks a bunch!! 

    Lisa...New York


    Agatha & Louise, 6/09

    I have to tell you that this is my second order from you. The wag more bark less T-shirts are some of the softest and most comfortable t-shirts that I have gotten in a long time. Very light weight and wonderful drape. Thanks for what you do. 



    Gray & Persephone, 6/09

    I received the Papillion pillow today and am extremely happy with it!!! Thank you so much and I look forward to ordering from you again. 



    Agatha & Louise, 5/09

    Thank you so much! The Westie picture frame is great and your service incredible. More stores should treat their customers as well as you do. I look forward to doing business with you again. 

    My best, 


    Agatha & Louise, 4/09

    Congrats on your growing internet business.  Our rescue group just loves the "Wag More Bark Less" magnets.  I am placing another order tonight.  I will use the 10% off coupon promo code.   

    Thank you, Charlotte


    Gray & Sephie, 4/09

    Good luck with your new adventures!  

    -Joan, Maine


    Agatha & Louise, 4/09

    Wishing you lots of good luck. Your stuff is so wonderful! 

    -Bobbie...New York City


    Hi Gray,

    Good Luck to you and Persephone. We will stop in and see you @ your new digs! 

    All the best.
    Nancy & Dana...Callie & Dexter too.- Maine


    Gray & Sephie,

    Best wishes! 

    Linton & Sallie...North Carolina


    Gray & Persephone, 4/09

    Congratulations to you both.My experience was so wonderful that I am glad you are moving on to bigger and better things.  I can keep in touch with you through your e-mails, and I can shop so conveniently on line.  I still treasure my pug bracelet with the heart charm engraved "Harry". Best of luck to both of you.. 

    JOAN...Cape Cod, Massachusetts


    Sephie & Gray, 4/09

    Congratulations!  I was all happy when I saw that you would have a showroom and that I could come visit.  I have really missed you two.  Can't wait to see you.  

    Love, Sarah...Florida & Maine


    Hi- 4/09

    Absolutely. That (timeframe for receiving the collar and harness) is fine. Thank you so much for notifying me.  I will continue to do business with you, your website is wonderful!

    Sincerely, Mary...Virginia


    Hi- 4/09

    We had a wonderful time (in Portland) and thanks so much for all the information on places to eat.  We had such a great time we plan to come back in early October but that time with the rest of the family AND the dogs.

    Thanks again, Richard...Massachusetts


    Hi there!  3/09

    My order arrived last night and I just wanted to say I LOVE IT!!  The t-shirt (wag more bark less) is soooo cute and the magnets are a huge hit.  I'm going to get more, for sure!!   Thanks for what you do for our fury friends.  Dogs ROCK, and so do you!!! 

    Fondly, Alisa...Virginia


    Hi Gray, 2/09

    The pillow arrived!  It's beautiful.  It's for friends of our in England who always have lovely border collies (who always seem to be better behaved than a certain Norfolk terrier...).

    Thanks very much! Susan...Massachusetts


    Hi- 2/09

    Thank you very much. This (the dog coat) is perfect.



    Gray, 2/09

    Thank you very much for your prompt response. I personally trust electronic technology only about 40 % of the time even though my job depends on it 100% of the time. I appreciate the refund in shipping. That wasn't necessary because it wasn't your fault so thank you. I'm sure I will order from you again because it's nice when someone goes the extra mile to fix a problem. I wish more businesses were like yours. Again thank you for your quick response.



    Gray, 2/09

    Happy Valentines.  I gave Dana the sign for Valentines and he loved it.  You were right about going with the blue.  It is so rich and looks great with the labs.  I can't wait to get it in the yard at The Whim.

    Thanks a Million!!!!! Muffet...Florida


    Hi Gray 2/09

    Thanks for the UPS Tracking Number. I can’t wait to get the Poodle Bag on Monday. I appreciate the good customer service you have.

    Louise...New York


    Hi- 2/09

    Perfect!  Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it, I will fill out the form and include the exchange info.  I want to thank you for making this so easy.



    Dear Gray and Persephone, 1/09

    Before too much time passes, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Westie tote bag I purchased from you for Christmas for my husband as one of his Christmas gifts.  It is beautiful and we are so pleased with it.  We have two little westies that we absolutely love and this gift meant so much.  Whoever painted the two westies on the bag did a beautiful job.   Gray, I am so sorry to hear about your mother and her battle with breast cancer.  It is a terrible disease.  It sounds like she made the absolute most of her life and was a wonderful person.  I think it is wonderful that you folks have this "Fetch for a Cure" program.  Maine Cancer Foundation is very dear to me as well.  I work on the same floor on Baxter Boulevard as the Maine Cancer Foundation and the ladies there are lovely.  I am also a breast cancer survivor.   I couldn't wait to see the "Fetch for a Cure" bag when it arrived.  It was wrapped so beautifully that I had to wait until Christmas morning to see it!  I wasn't about to unwrap it.  That was unexpected and so nice of you to wrap the gift.   Thank you so much for having this program.  We'll be purchasing many more westie items, I am sure.  We love your shop!

    Thank you.   Linda....Maine


    Agatha & Louise, 1/09

    damn tootin fig newton i love dogs..... but we have a friend's hound, a young roustabout lab that will not stop barking....hence the stickers........(wag more bark less)



    Hi- 1/09

    Just wanted to let you know that I just placed an order and am delighted to have found your website.  I saw the ad in Bark Magazine this month.  Your shop is the highest quality shop I have found thus far and I am addicted to Boston Terriers.  My dog has stolen my heart!  Thank you for carrying such lovely products!

    Regards, Marianne...Massachusetts


    Hi- 12/08

    Wow, thanks so much for the quick shipping!  I really appreciate it so much.  These stickers (wag more bark less stickers) are the cutest ever and I shopped around the web looking for a great deal and let me tell you, yours was the best!  I have a 135 pound yellow lab, he's my darling and one of these stickers are going to go in his room,  Thanks again!



    Dear Gray,  12/08

    Merry Christmas! The cufflinks arrived a few minutes ago and my husband loves them! Thank you for everything!

    Linda ...New York


    Hi- 12/08

    Thank you so much we received the stocking just in time..the kids were surprised and so excited it looks like our puppy. We really appreciate all your help getting it to us quickly.

    Happy Holidays Heidi and Gray...Vermont


    Agatha & Louise, 12/08

    Thank you so much!  I'm telling everyone I know how wonderful you are to work with, so hopefully they'll shop with you as well!  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 



    Agatha & Louise 12/08

    Thank you so much for your prompt service. Arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. I'm sure my husband will love his Cairn Cufflinks!



    Thank You, 12/08

    Happy holidays to you too. 



    Hi- 12/08

    Thank you and best wishes for next year



    Hi- 12/08

    Received the two French Bull dog stockings and charms and  was so pleased with them.  thank you for sending them in a timely manner.  I know the bull dog lovers in my family will be thrilled with them.



    Agatha & Louise, 12/08

    Thankfully, the one item I ordered for myself is the eyeglass case.  Sydney , my pup, is a wheaten.  So just hold onto the case when it comes in and send it off to me ordinary mail the 2nd week in January and I should be home by the time it arrives.  By the way, I think you are the poster boy of wonderful customer service.

    Kudos to you all.  I appreciate it so very much. Terry...Massachusetts


    Hi, 12/08

    Received my pillow yesterday... LOVE IT! Thanks and Merry Christmas

    Cheers, Cheryl...Canada


    Hey Gray, 12/08

    Thank you so much for your hard work with this situation. My mom loved the magnets so much. They were perfect. I really appreciate how you went above and beyond in helping me.



    Hi- 12/08

    I love my pillows.  I've move them from the living room to the bed rooms to decorate for Christmas.  Please don't forget about the pillow with the full beagle on it as well.  Thanks.



    Hi, 11/08

    In August of 2007 I special ordered a black lab cane for my Dad.  I was nervous as to how it would be received.  Well, he loved it and (unfortunately) a year and half later it is getting a lot of use from it. Thanks again for all your help.

    Sincerely,   Lisa



    Thanks for the stickers - I have been giving them out to my friends.  Might as well spread a little cheer!  Happy Thanksgiving!



    Hi! 11/08

    I have received my order.  I haven't look at it yet because it is a Christmas gift for me... but my husband looked and sait it is very nice! Thank you!  I'm very pleased with your service. Joyeux Noël!



    Hi Gray, 11/08

    I love doing business with you -- it's very enjoyable and dependable.  (Always looking for Norfolk things!)  I esp appreciated the tartan Norfolk pins -- my sister will be thrilled on Christmas! She won't believe it..

    Thanks for everything!   Susan...Massachusetts


    Dear A&L, 11/08

    I can't think of a business where I've ever experienced better customer service than with your company!  Within minutes of placing my order, i got a phone call clarifying my size and color choices. Thanks to that conversation the harnesses I ordered fit both my border terrier AND my mixed-breed dog.  Thank you so much for your help!



    Hi- 11/08

    I just put my first order in yesterday. Gray called me about the harness being out of stock. After talking we decided to change the size and my order has already been sent out. This customer service was the best I have received in a long time, I have told 3 people of your store already.

    Thank you, Kelly ...Pennsylvania


    Agatha & Louise, 11/08

    Shipment received in good shape.Thank you for the lightning quick service!! Will use you again...



    Agatha & Louise, 11/08

    Bravo on the pin! (Smooth Collie)  I love it!  Can I still order additional?



    Gray and Persephone, 11/08

    I'm sorry I have not contacted you sooner.  The paintings of my poodle and my friends late Chow are absolutely beautiful.  I expected nothing less, but still I was amazed when I opened the package and saw the paintings.   Please pass my compliments on to the artist.  She does such wonderful work.  A friend of mine has said that she wants a painting of one of her dogs, I don't know how serious she is, but I hope she orders one.



    Hi Gray, 10/08

    The shirt and magnet arrived and all is well. Thank you!



    Agatha & Louise, 10/08

    I love my new T-shirt!  It's shorter; like me.  Thanks, too, for the wrapping and personal note.  It's a pleasure doing business with you!!



    My Dear Friend, 10/08

    I just received the collar and leash that you've sent to me and I am soooo Happy! Thank you very much for your kindness.  About the house signs I still can't tell how many to order because the members never come all together. But with the tail I'M sure we'll have more sucess.  I shall keep in touch with you as soon as we are ok.

    With my best regards   May...Switzerland


    Agatha & Louise, 10/08

    FYI...the Pillow and Danish Plate arrived today, and we're so very pleased with both! Thanks for your superb service and the handling of our order.

    Deborah and Warren


    Hello, 10/08

    I just received my order from you. You are a great company right down to the wrapping and the ribbon. So unusual today. I am so pleased! Thanks I will refer other people to you. I have attached a pic of my dog a toy cacapoo (willie 9years). He is our in store super model.

    Enjoy, Tom...California


    Agatha & Louise, 10/08

    Thank you very much for such a gorgeous product (House Sign). Tis gr8! Looks beautiful & matches very well. So nice to know my money bought a product that will sustain all weather conditions. Thanks. Might be ordering another for our home in Florida.

    Denise...Maine & Florida


    Hi! 8/08

    Just got back from the USA today and found your leash waiting for me. Everybody likes the lively design. We are very happy with it so far.

    Kind regards Verena...Switzerland


    Hi- 8/08

    My wife and I came by the middle of this month (August) and were looking at dog collars/harnesses. we were unsure if the collars we picked out would fit our italian greyhounds. Well, the collars work wonderfully! We will update our website soon with pictures of the dogs and their harnesses!

    Joshua...New York


    Hi, 8/08

    Thank You for the fast shipment. Fenway loved his new collar!

    GO RED SOX! Nancy...New York


    Agatha & Louise, 7/08

    It (Westie House Sign) arrived and we put it up this weekend.  We love it!  Westies rule!



    Hi- 7/08

    I simply had to write to share my enthusiasm for your speedy service! I ordered the Labrador Retriever tote and it arrived today...happily surprised! Your service is rare!The green lab tote is darling...looking forward to using it all summer long!Your products look wonderful on your website. I am a lab enthusiast and will enjoy perusing your site frequently. Again, thank you for brightening my day! 



    Dear Gray- 7/08

    Thanks so much for sending the pair of golden retriever boxer shorts we purchased at your wonderful shop.  We enjoyed visiting your lovely city and will return to see you when we are lucky enough to get back there.

    Sincerely, Joan and Dick ...Ohio


    Hi Persephone!  6/08

    The harness arrived.  It is wonderful! Thank you for the great service and the lovely presentation.  It was so nice to open a nicely wrapped package, even though I knew what was in it.  :>   On a different note, are those poodle soaps available?  My mom's friend has a champion standard poodle (she's at Westminster) and we would love to get her the soaps as a gift.

    Thanks again,   Anne...California


    Hi, 6/08

    I just wanted to say that I have NEVER received such a lovely apology and prompt service correcting a small error in my life!!  You are wonderful!! I LOVE the bumper stickers and am giving them to every dog loved I know!!  I will definitely find your store when I am in Maine in August.  I so appreciate your terrific customer service and great bumper stickers!!! Thanks again!



    Agatha & Louise, 5/08

    Just wanted to say I love your stuff, a car in the parking garage had this sticker (wag more bark less), and being a dog owner/lover had to have one. Then I find out you’re in Portland (where I have family)! I’ll visit your store this summer.

    Thanks again,


    Agatha & Louise...5/08

    WOW! Never in my life have I ever ordered something on the Saturday of a long holiday weekend, have it ship out the very following Tuesday in my mailbox by Thursday... and all through the United States Postal Service too (my husband had to revive when he said it had arrived through USPS, and it was that quick) Thank you, I am very pleased with not only the timeliness, but the quality and condition of the product that was delivered. I will be referring all my friends to your site.

    Jody...Chicago, IL



    Thanks. I can't wait to get the stuff. I saw your bumper decals at the Colorado State University graduation a couple weeks ago (my niece graduated from Vet School). I didn't have time to get to the bookstore so I did a google search on "Wag more. Bark less" and found your site!!!




    I meant to thank you when I recieved the puppia harness, we both absolutly love it!

    I didn’t realize until after seeing your cute little business card included in the packaging that you are located in Portland, Maine I actually grew up in Bath, Maine and try to return every summer for Lobster Rolls and fresh sea air! I will definatley stop in to your store! 




    I received the Beagle hood ornament in time to give to my husband as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. He absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for your help and special consideration. 



    Agatha & Louise...5/08

    I received the Scottie charm and necklace for Mother's Day and wanted to comment on how much I love it. The heaviness of the chain and the wonderful details of the charm are very impressive. I will most definitely be bookmarking the Agatha & Louise website for future use.

    Sheila...New Hampshire



    Thank you so much - I love your store - you just have the most charming items. I will definitely be back to order more.

    Amy...New York



    I want you to know, that I have already received the harness.
    I thank you very much.



    Agatha & Louise...4/08 

    Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly re: my order on Wednesday, April 23!... You guys are efficient!

    Here's a funny story: I found you on the internet and glanced at your city (Portland) but not your state (ME). I am in Salem, OR and assumed you were in Portland, OR! Portland is about an hour from Salem and I thought it would be fun to drive up and see your store some weekend so I pulled up the map. What a surprise to see the Atlantic Ocean! I get the idiot award for the day!

    We are dog lovers and are always interested in meeting other people who are as well! We have three big dogs: a border collie named Tom, a Rottweiller/Black Lab mix named Bear, and a Great Pyrenees/Alaskan Malamute named Skye. All are rescue dogs and we consider ourselves lucky to be their mom and dad. We have three human teenagers as well!

    Again, thank you for your efficiency! I am looking forward to our t-shirts, they are a surprise for my husband. Maybe we will get to Maine some day! 




    I received my package yesterday. Thank you so much! Your company's customer service is wonderful. The tissue wrapped T-shirt and hand written message adds a personal touch that few companies offer. I will pass this word along to all of my other dog loving friends.

    Thank you,



    Just wanted to thank you for sending so promptly the tee shirts I ordered...and for your extra attention to wrapping them in tissue paper, complete with ribbon. It is not often that I see such special touches on mail-ordered (or online-ordered) items, and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that one.

    Enjoy the day.



    It came (Weimaraner Hood Ornament)! And the marriage is secure!! She likes it!! Thanks for all the “back and forth.”




    Cool... and thank you, thank you, thank you for being so nice to your customers in the West Coast. Bless you all and I will look forward for my EASTER gift...



    Agatha & Louise...3/08

    Thanks for everything. It's a delight to do business with you!!!

    Take care,


    Agatha & Louise...3/08

    Thank you, I received it (Westie House Sign) the other day and just love it.

    Mary...North Carolina



    I received my charm (Rhodesian Ridgeback) yesterday, it is so beautiful. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was thinking that it was a little charm. I love it. 

    Thank you.



    I received my shoes and handbag today. I am thrilled with everything I have ordered! I will be in royal attire at the Shih Tzu Nationals in Atlanta in April. 




    What a nice blog about Jones! Thanks so much. I sent the link to all my friends. You guys are really friendly and nice and made us feel right at home. I went wild with all your great standard poodle stuff. I'm looking forward to coming back when the bag is completed. Thanks for all your support for breast cancer--and for all you do for dogs! We watched the dog show and loved UNO even though 2 poodles were in the running for best of show. Have a great week and I'm looking forward to our next visit...Thanks again for the nice blog! 




    Thank you very much for the extra's. Tiffany loved everything. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and God Bless.




    The cufflinks were very nice....John loved them. I think they are very well made and substantial.

    Susan...New Jersey


    Agatha & Louise...2/08

    Got it already! Love the shirt. Thanks!




    Thank you for the fast shipment and excellent customer service. The Pink Pirate leash and collar are even cuter than I expected. Jasmine (our Rottie mix) is going to be the belle of the ball at the Bark in the Park next month (our local Humane Society fundraiser). If we ever make it up to Maine, we'll be sure to stop by! 

    Jennifer, fellow dog lover...Florida


    Agatha & Louise, 1/08

    Wow! Thanks for the great service!...Thanks again.

    Bob...North Carolina


    Agatha & Louise, 1/08

    I love this stuff! Thank you so much... everything is perfect. The only thing: I would love to have a pair of Wheaten Terrier needlepoint loafers! If in the future your supplier decides to carry that breed, then you can consider one pair of 8 1/2s sold! 

    Kate...North Carolina


    Hi, 1/08

    Got it! How lovely...wrapped and everything. 

    Thanks so much.


    Agatha & Louise, 1/08

    I just want to compliment you on your customer service. When I ordered some shirts for Christmas and found that one of the items was missing, you fixed it immediately AND sent me some magnets - much appreciated! My friends LOVE The "wag more" shirts and I just ordered two more...and I'm not even a dog person! ;) 

    Thanks - Anita...Maryland


    Hi, 1/08

    The plate was a big hit. Thanks for selling it to me.



    Gray, 1/08

    Yes I got the pins and they were all I expected. My friend, the breeder, was really impressed by the attention to detail in regards to the markings. Thank you very much. They are very appreciated and proceeds go to a very good cause. I will keep your email address on hand and periodically check and see what new things you have posted. Again, thank you very much for those wonderful pins. 



    Dear Gray and Persephone, 12/07

    Well, the Weimaraner tie was a big hit. They really did pretty much capture the "look" of the Weim! Did you ever send the pic of the hood ornament? Nothing ever came through on this end. You've probably been too busy. No surprise right before Christmas! Of course, there's no rush. But sometime when you have a moment, I'd love to see it! And you know, if you ever come across anything really interesting in the way of a Weim item, I'd love to know about it! Keep me in the computer!

    All the best in the coming year, Barbara...Massachusetts


    Agatha & Louise, 12/07

    Thank you so much for your superb customer service and happy holidays to you also.



    Hi, 12/07

    Delighted order is coming this way! You will brighten several Christmas gift recipient's day! Have a happy holiday!



    Hi, 12/07

    Tiffany received her stickers (Wag More Bark Less) today and absolutely loved them. Thank you so much for the extra sticker and filling out the card as well. You have went beyond the ordinary and look forward to buying from you in the future (my wife loves dogs, as well as I). Again, thank you and Merry Christmas.



    Hi, 12/07

    That's great. Thank you so much. And thank you for such quick responses! Happy Holidays!



    Agatha & Louise, 12/07

    Thanks very much--got the stickers right away. They're so sweet. Happy Holidays.



    Hi, 12/07

    Thanks so much. I am glad I found your web site.



    Agatha & Louise, 12/07

    I just received the American Flag dog collar I recently ordered and I LOVE IT! Thank you for sending it so quickly and for wrapping it. I loved the personal touches you added. I will definitely shop Agatha & Louise again.

    Julie...North Carolina


    Thank you, 12/07 arrived today and all was in "proper order". My two girls will love their Christmas bracelets!! 

    Thanks again, Pat...California


    Hi there! 12/07

    I should have e-mailed sooner. I just wanted to let you know i received my Samoyed dog pin and am VERY pleased! The person I got it for will certainly love it. I look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks for your help, you guys run a great business!



    Dear Gray ~ 12/07

    Oh my my my -- I received my Grady's Field sign yesterday. It took my breath away! Absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you suggested and I went with the blue. What a statement this will make as you enter the 3 acre field where Grady will play "big ball." I most definitely want you to do another sign for me. It will be a sign at the entrance way to our driveway. But until the driveway is cut, I will have to wait to order it because I'm not sure of the shape that I want and will fit. Again, Gray, I enjoyed working with you. I'm looking forward to moving to Maine (Alfred) and coming to Portland to visit. 

    Gloria...Rhode Island


    Hi, 12/07

    Thanks; you are super! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



    Hi, 11/07

    I just opened the box and the Golden Retriever pillow is adorable! Thank you so very much for placing the order. He has a place of honor on our son's bed.



    Hi, 11/07

    Received the picture frame today. Since you wrapped it so nicely I will have to wait until Christmas to see it. I'm sure it's perfect. Good dealing with you. Have a great holiday.



    Dear Gray, 11/07

    A fax to let you know that Penny’s collar arrived safely this morning. It fits perfectly and we are delighted with it. Thank you for your kindness in supplying the collar and with our good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

    Sincerely, John and Barbara...United Kingdom


    Agatha & Louise, 11/07

    Love Love Love this slogan (Wag More Bark Less). The service has been fast & efficient & friendly too. Definitely wagging.

    Thank you!


    Hi Gray, 11/07

    The house sign arrived well in advance of Thanksgiving, so thank you so very much. It is lovely.

    Fran and Alice and Clemmie Greyhound...New Jersey


    Agatha & Louise, 11/07

    Thank you! The Boston pillow has arrived and it's beautiful. I'll look forward to receiving the Cavalier one as well.

    Thanks again, Amy...Las Vegas, Nevada


    Hi Gray, 11/07

    I received my collar today with the pink bandana for my dog, and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for sending that with the collar, I was very excited to receive it. You have been very helpful with my purchase, and I appreciate all your help. 

    Thanks again for the bandana, and once again, yay Sox!



    Hello! 11/07

    I just wanted to let you know that we received our small Fido Fleece for our French Bulldog and it is the perfect size! He absolutely loves it. Thank you again for all of your help.



    Ciao!!! 10/07

    it's arrived!!!!!
    and it is.......GORGEOUS!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!



    Persephone, 10/07

    I was so thrilled by it (the picture of the Watercolor Portrait) that I printed it from my e-mail and brought it to show my parents, I just can't imagine how beautiful it will be "in person"...she has captured them perfectly, and I know it must have been a challenge- she is truly gifted!!! Especially with the 2 Maltese, making them look different (I can see their personalities come thru) is amazing. I am so excited,this will be the most precious Christmas gift (I doubt I can wait that long to give it to my husband). I actually had the idea that I would love to commision her to do separate paintings of all 5 eventually. Thank you!



    Hello, 10/07

    I received my order yesterday. I love it. My dog Boston looks amazing with his new collar. Thank you very much. You have made this house a lot happier.

    Luke...Ontario, Canada


    Hi There, 10/07

    I wanted to send you a note to say I just adore the breast cancer fawn Pug pin. I love it! Thank you very much. Have a wonderful night :-)



    Hi, 9/07

    The pillows arrived and are great. Thanks.



    Dear Agatha & Louise, 9/07

    My name is Alessio, writing from Livorno, Italy. Your web-shop is really wonderful and interesting for all keen on dogs (especially on my young Brussels Griffon!!!) like me. I've got to say that there's no dog shop like yours all over the Europe!! And I can swear that I know so many "maniacs" about dogs that will go mad when I show them your shop!! Could you kindly inform me about shipping cost to Italy for Brussels Griffon Needlepoint Dog Pillow? Waiting for your soonest answer. Thanks and regards,



    Hello! 9/07

    Loveable Lobster arrived in Kailua, Hawaii with lightning speed several days ago! You guys are awesome, and Meatball LOVES his new squeakers! It was a great surprise! Thanks very much!

    Janet...Cape Cod, MA


    Hi, 9/07

    Got it! He loved it! Thanks so much!!!

    Debbie...North Carolina


    Agatha & Louise, 8/07

    Awesome! Customer delight achieved!



    Hi, 8/07

    I just wanted to call and thank you for my Jack Russel house sign! It is the finest purchase I have ever made online. The Jack Russel on the house sign looks just like mine. The sign is beyond my expectations. I can't wait for my friends to see the house sign!.

    Jane (via phone)...Maine


    Agatha & Louise, 7/07 

    The Norfolk Terrier Dog House Sign is wonderful! Please tell Persephone that it looks fabulous. Superb craftsmanship! I love our new dog house sign. Thank you very much! 

    Arthur...New York


    Hi Agatha & Louise, 7/07 

    I LOVE YOUR NEEDLEPOINT DOG PILLOWS! My friend just gave me a needlepoint Pug pillow from your store and I love it. I just love looking at your needlepoint dog pillow collection. I'll be buying myself pillows from you soon!

    Sincerely, Anna...Greenwich, Connecticut



    I received the cards and hats in the mail yesterday and they are great.  Thanks a lot for sending them on to me.  They will make perfect welcome gifts for my family from the other coast!




    The Cavalier pillow is precious! AND received much sooner that I had expected. You have a new customer! Thank you



    Dear Persephone and Gray...7/07

    Thank you for the birthday update.  Congratulations!!! I love your monthly letter and hope one day that we (Bob and I, that is) will take time out from our trek to Freeport to detour into Portland and your beautiful store.  I love your picture.  Your web site and your letters, also my talking to Gray, makes one feel like family.  Keep up the good work...

    Sincerely, Joan…Cape Cod



    The yellow lab puppy is for me and when I saw it, I wanted it immediately, so please send. I just happened to see a car yesterday with the window sticker (Wag More Bark Less) and googled the expression. What a great watchword for living!

    Thanks for your personal attention,



    Thank you, Gray!...7/07

    My doggie items are wonderful - I love them all and so will my family!  I'll be ordering again!

    Lee Ann… Pennsylvania



    Excellent service - thank you and best wishes!



    Hi Gray,...7/07

    Thanks for letting me know about the shoes.  Yes, I loved the baseball cap and house sign...just as cool as I hoped they would be.  Thanks again.



    Hi, 6/07

    The dog charms were stunning - thank you so much.

    Kind regards,
    Di... New Zealand


    Hi Gray,   6/07

    We just returned from Nami's second birthday party and she carried Misty with her the whole time-including when she went down her new slide!  i have a feeling she will be taking it to bed with her tonight.  Of course she has named it Rugby and by the end of the party everyone knew about little Rugby and big Rugby.
    Thanks again for making sure it arrived in time for her birthday,

    Cindy... California


    Hi Gray,  6/07

     I got the rug on Saturday.  It does look great!  (Freddy rubbed his head on it immediately.) 
    Thanks.  I will give you a call about a custom one.

    Susan... Massachusetts


    Agatha & Louise, 6/07

    I got my order yesterday - can't believe how quickly you shipped it!!!  I so appreciate that and absolutely love what I ordered - Thanks for the great customer service!! 



    Gray & Persephone,  6/07

    I received the Doberman pillow today. It's beautiful and the perfect gift for my friend. She has 2 Dobermans and will love it. Thanks you so much for getting it to me as soon as you could.

    Thanks again, Debbie... New Hampshire


    Hi Gray!  5/07

    I am THRILLED with the custom house sign! It arrived safe and sound. It was worth the wait!  The artist did a great job on my cats’ markings, including Sarabeth’s  subtle amber patches and the little break in the blaze on Simon’s nose and forehead. I will send you pictures when it is mounted. 
    Thanks again for all your terrific communication, courtesy and producing a really fine and unique product!

    Lynn Susan... New Jersey


    Hi Gray, 5/07

    I wanted you to know the Clumber Spaniel blue plate is loved by my husband as is the house number sign.  It arrived yesterday and is already in place.  What a lovely job the artist did.  We are so happy with it. 

    Thank you so much for all the fun and help.  I will be ordering a few things for Christmas from you. 

    Take care,  Marlene... Pennsylvania 


    Dear Gray and Persephone,  5/07

    Hello!  I discovered your site through a lucky coincidence this past weekend.  I was visiting my elderly parents in Old Lyme ,CT and spotted a vehicle sporting I am now assuming you were attending the wedding at the church just down the street!)  This really piqued my curiosity as my name is Louise and my best friend of forty years is named Agatha.  Upon returning home I visited your site to see what could possibly have our names on it and found your lovely site and store.
    We are (of course) both dog lovers and just to seal the deal my friend has a Pug!  I know where all of her birthday presents are coming from in the future...

    Good luck with your store and I am sure you'll be hearing from me as a customer soon,

    Louise... Connecticut


    Agatha & Louise,  5/07

    I put the house sign up today.  It looks great!  Thanks.

    Dave... Maine


    Agatha & Louise, 4/07

    Thank you very much for your little gift. I just received it today. It was very nice of you. I wish you the best for the prosperity of your business. Beside the good quality of your products, customer care is where your excel!

    Thanks  again,
    Raphael... Florida


    Persephone & Gray,   3/07

    I will be ordering soon from you for Mother's Day...another Cairn plate and maybe a couple of needlepoint dog pillows...I have told several people about your beautiful shop....if I had had the time...I would have loved to have stayed there all day...your customers who live in Portland are so lucky to have you!!!!!

    Rebecca... Anchorage, Alaska


    Agatha & Louise, 3/07

    I love my Dachshund pillow and Wag More Bark Less sticker!  Thanks so much for sending them out!  Made my day - made me smile!

    Deborah... North Carolina


    Hi Gray, 3/07

    The Border Collie blue plate arrived safely and is as lovely as I thought it would be.  I have it on one end of the row of five – that makes the Mom and pup in the middle with two dogs facing right and two facing left – if they come out with a 6th one I’ll have to rethink my entire grouping, and wouldn’t that be a joy!
    Our best to Agatha and Louise –

    Ralph, Tasha, and Blue and Jacki... Pennsylvania


    Hi Gray & Persephone, 2/07

    Your wonderful box of treasures arrived this afternoon. Many thanks for all your special attention. I truly appreciated the lovely gift wrapping and all the time you took to package my treats. I have to tell you that curiousity got to me as I had to open the clumber pin. How incredibly fantastic it is...Our friends had two clumbers and actually lost one...Your pin will be a huge treat and they will love it. Thank you for the Valentine treats. How special is that!

    All best to you,
    Pinky...New York


    Hello, 02/07

    I visited your store before Christmas... the boxers, cell phone carrier and ornament were a big holiday hit!! Perfect for the man who can buy himself father-in-law loves his Westies. Thanks again for your holiday help.



    Hello, 2/07

    Thanks so much, great service and I adore the pillow!!




    Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    I went in every dog store from Martha's Vineyard, to Nantucket 
    to Cape Cod, to Bar Harbor, and yours is the best!

    Barb...Seattle, Washington


    Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    Just want to let you know that my Jack Russell purse arrived safe and sound. I really love it and all the dogs’ thank you so much for the Robbie Dawg Teats.



    Hi Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    The pillows arrived today and they are absolutely charming! Thank you so much for the organic puppy treats – Timber loves them! If I’m ever in Portland (which I’m sure at some point I will be, since we love visiting the coast of Maine) I will definitely come to see your store…Thanks for all your help.

    Robin…New Hampshire


    Hello Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    Everything was great and thanks for getting my order in time for Christmas, even engraved.



    Dear Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful treats that we received for Christmas from your store! Everything was perfect- especially the shoes! Thanks so much for your kind assistance, for the extra attention to service, and for the outstanding quality merchandise you have sent to us. I’ll be back!

    Warmly, Andrea…California


    Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    Just wanted you to know that the Bulldog Boxers and Doorstop were just wonderful and happily received. So good to know I have such a good source for dog goodies!



    Hi Gray & Persephone, 1/07

    Our friends loved their Norfolk Terrier pillow…They go to Maine every summer- so they may pop in.

    Best to you and Posie, Daurelle...Pennsylvania


    Persephone & Gray, 1/07

    You are wonderful! Thank you!



    Hi and Happy New Year to you in Portland! 1/07

    Last summer, I purchased a Shar Pei pillow for my daughter’s Christmas. A few months ago our beloved dog passed away…to be honest with you I had put the pillow away wrapped (I never opened your purple tissue paper wrapping)…Well everyone had a good cry when Shea opened the box with the pillow of our dog. The scary thing is it looked just like a photo of our dog, Cashmere!! Just thought I would write and say THANK YOU for your store. Shea had missed Cashmere so much and now she sleeps with her every night. We’ll be stopping in again this summer as we spend two weeks on Peaks Island.

    Until then, Rebecca…New Jersey


    Gray & Persephone, 1/06

    Happy New Year!!!! Dana loved the rug. When I gave it to him we just 
    sat there and cried because that one is for the dog we lost last is fantastic 
    and such great quality.



    Agatha & Louise, 12/06

    Just wanted to let you know that I got the house sign today that I ordered and it is so perfect! They did an excellent job of reproducing my dog's markings! Thanks again!



    Hi Gray & Persephone, 12/06

    I just had to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of your needlepoint canine pillows. I have looked at them on several occasions at stores, and even ordered once from a catalog; in all instances, the detail of the faces and the overall quality of the pillows was just not very good. Since these are gifts to dog lovers, I wanted them to be wonderful. Well, yours are! The use of petit point for the faces is brilliant, and that's what gets the detail, right. The camel velvet back is neutral and tasteful, and the border design is very attractive. Good job!

    Kudos, too, for lovely service, from order entry, to confirmation and ship date notification, to tissue and ribbon...very nicely done. I will definitely shop with you, again, when the occasion arises.

    Thank you for such a positive shopping experience!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Kind regards, Barry...California

    Dear Persephone & Gray, 12/06

    THANK YOU! The Danish Blue Dog plates will put the merry in Christmas around here. You have a wonderful store and we will return to shop with you.


    Dear Persephone & Gray, 12/06

    The custom rug was unbelievable and I am arriving with pictures. I am so thankful for all the work you did to get this done in time. 

    Big hugs, Mallory...Maine

    Agatha & Louise, 12/06

    I received the pillow today and it is very nice. It will make a great Christmas gift. Thanks for keeping me in mind. Hope you all have Great Howlidays. 

    Mary Beth...Florida

    Hi, 12/06

    Thank you so much…the plate arrived in perfect condition and is gorgeous. It will now become my wife’s new showpiece.

    Best regards & a happy (& successful) holiday season,


    Hi! 11/06

    The belt arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful! I know my husband will love it! Thanks so much!



    Dear Persephone & Gray, 11/06

    Our rug arrived today and it's fantastic!!! We just love it. Thanks 
    so much for working through all the steps with us. I will plan to stop into the shop that first weekend in December while staying in Brunswick.

    Thanks again so much, the rug is GREAT!



    Hi Persephone & Gray, 10/06

    I recieved the neck warmer the end of last week. It is absolutely adorable! I would lilke to purchase 2 more...

    PS, I sent a colleague of mine to your store this past weekend. They were visiting family and loved your place.


    Dear Persephone & Gray, 6/06

    Our watercolor painting looks wonderful on your web site! We love the painting so much that we have it in our dining room ;it's the pass through room for the entire house, so the painting receives many looks everyday and always brings a huge smile and happy feeling. I am so glad we got the larger size...I would be happy to bring it in if any customer is having a difficult time deciding on size or would just like to see it up close.
    I'll use any excuse to come into your wonderful store. Many thanks.

    Warm regards,


    Gray & Persephone, 8/05

    We just love our Wheaten pillow and have shared the news about your great store with all our other Wheaten friends!